About Mini

Born on 11th Jun 1935, Ruckmani developed into an exceptional trade union leader at her work, which was the department of telephones. She dedicated her entire working career to doing her job perfectly as well as leading her co-workers in the trade union. Her passion for justice and equality shaped her choice to work in the trade union, and to this day, several co-workers hold her in high regard for her service.

At work she was known as ATR. She has traveled extensively within India for conferences and is an excellent orator in Tamil. In later years, she has traveled widely in Europe and USA.

After retirement at age 58, she chose to learn a new skill: to play the violin, which is no trivial pursuit! She is now proficient enough to accompany her husband Mani when he sings Carnatic music.

Mini has whole-heartedly thrown herself into the literary activities of Mani – to the extent that without her help, all the publications would not have been possible. She is meticulous in proof-reading, and the more tech-savvy of the two. She has over the last 25 years, taught herself computer skills, and is quite a competent digital citizen.