1. Monster of the Western Seas

After killing Kamsa, Krishna freed his parents, Vasudeva and Devaki from the prison. He also released Ugrasena his grand father and made him the king of Mathura again. Vasudeva thought it proper to give Krishna and Balarama a proper education, as they spent all their childhood playfully in Gokula, without formal education. Ujjain was a great city for learning in those days. He sent Krishna and Balarama to learn under the great sage Sandeepini whose ashram was on the banks of river Kshipra in Ujjain. In a few years both of them became well versed in Vedas and Shastras and other martial arts.

At the time of their departure from the ashram they paid homage to their guru Sandeepini rishi and enquired about the gurudakshina. The rishi told them “I have got a permanent sorrow in my heart since my son has been abducted by a monster of the western sea. If you can bring my son back from the monster it will be an appropriate gurudakshina.”

Krishna and Balarama promised their guru that they would fulfill his wishes and took leave of him.

They proceeded to the western sea. They took a fishing boat and went to the deep sea. The sea monster created a storm, with the intention of swallowing them. The sea became rough and high waves danced around to topple the boat. Krishna understood that it was the work of the demon. He commanded Adhisesha (Vishnu’s Serpant) to encircle and protect the boat. Even the killer waves of the sea attacking the boat ferociously could not do any harm. The Sea Monster understood that some divine power was protecting the boat. It projected its head out from the sea to see what was happening. Immediately Adhisesha pounced on his neck and encircled it. The monster tried to wriggle out from the grip of Adhisesha and came out of the water. Adhisesha with his strong tail encircled his hands and body and brought him before Krishna and Balarama.

Krishna with a smile on his face asked the monster what boon he would like to have now. The monster now understood the divine powers of Krishna and entreated to set him free!

Krishna put one condition for his freedom: “You have abducted Sandeepini rishi’s son. If you release him you will also be free”.

The monster agreed. Adhisesha loosened the grip. Krishna requested Balarama to follow the demon and bring back the rishi’s son. Adhisesha with Balarama followed the demon to the depths of the sea.

The storm vanished. The sea was calm. The waves shone like silver in the rays of mid day sun. The boat was gently rocked by the friendly waves.

After some time Adhisesha appeared on the surface of the sea. Balarama and the rishi’s son were riding on the hoods of Adhisesha. Balarama with the rishi’s son got into the boat. Then Adhisesha dived into the sea and vanished.

The fisher folk realized that Krishna and Balarama were none other than gods. They started to sing the praise of Krishna and Balarama while pushing the oars to reach the shore.

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