14. Hela Hama

Krishna and Balarama travelled on Karimukha and crossed the Appalachian mountains and reached the place where they took leave from Missouri. They met Missouri Devi there. She wanted to take them further west. She asked Mississippi to wait at the confluence of the sea till they came back and met her. They travelled upstream in the river OKLAHOMA and reached the rocky mountains. Here the chain of mountains turned south west and went into the narrow land connecting North America to South America. All the three rode on Karimukha on the hilly track. Missouri pointed to the west where there was a river valley with a grand canyon. The river Colorado was meandering like a blue ribbon. Turning east they followed the red river through thick vegetation and colourful birds and finally reached the bay where Mississippi and Missouri also joined the eastern ocean. They travelled along the seashore to reach the confluence and met Mississippi again.

There was a light shower and the sky was cloudy. Missouri Devi looked gloomy. Krishna asked her why she looked worried. Devi explained.

“This is a bay area in the south which is the eastern ocean’s projection. To this region a sea demon called Hela Hama periodically visits. This rain and the weather are his messengers. Subsequently he will send a cyclone. The powerful hurricane will enter through our confluence and travel inside the country and play havoc. He will destroy trees, animals and human beings. This rain is the harbinger of that demon”.

In a short time the hurricane gained speed. Krishna thought of Garuda who appeared promptly. Krishna rode on Garuda leaving Balarama with the Devi.

Gauruda’s dimensions grew enormously and flew towards the sea. Hela Hama attacked Garuda ferociously. His plan was to tear off Garuda’s wings and make him helpless and push him in the turbulent waters along with the man whom it was carrying. Krishna’s Sudharsana Chakra glittered like lightning! The blowing of sankha the conch, sounded above the thunderous clouds. Garuda’s wings moved at enormous speed. That created a counter cyclone towards Hela Hanna. Thus the storms were trying to overpower each other. The powerful storm raised by Garuda made the demon Hela Hanna to run back. The sea again became calm and serene.

Missouri Devi and Mississippi, were all praise for Krishna. Krishna wanted to take leave of them for continuing their journey. Missouri Devi was sad to part with them.

Missouri Devi called her sisters Mississippi, Oklahama, OHIO, Yellowstone and others. They sang the praise of the lord and danced. Sage Naradha also came. Naradha guided them further. He said, “As you travel south in this sea, you will see a projection of land. That is called Yucatan. The people there and their civilization is called MAYA. Through that land you can reach the continent called South America. Naradha disappeared. Krishna and Balarama then rode on Karingilam and travelled in the sea route.

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