4. Tsunami

Karingilam swam eastward in the Bay of Bengal carrying Krishna and Balarama, a spot of water jet indicating their route. The sea was outwardly calm, with no indication of the catastrophy that was about to occur. In the east, some hills appeared over land. Krishna and Balarama observed that the sea was receding from the shores of the land. Karingilan told them that in a short time, there would be an earthquake in the sea-bed, and giant waves are about to hit the land. Krishna understood that if the waves engulf the island there is a danger of the island drowning in the sea. Krishna quickly instructed Karingilam to go to the sea bed.

Boomadevi (Earth goddess) has eight sons. Two of them Bharatha and Asian were fighting ferociously and each wanted to overpower the other by sitting on his back. There were tremors in the earth. Krishna transformed himself into Koorma (giant tortoise) and intervened in their fight. Asian was sinking under the pressure of Bharatha. Krishna’s timely intervention saved Asian from going down. At that moment the fight stopped and both of them looked with awe and reverence towards the Koorma. Then the Koorma appeared as Lord Vishnu who was the husband of Bhoomadevi, their father.

Krishna advised them not to quarrel or turn violent, as their violence causes enormous hardship to living beings. The islands which were about to drown because of the giant tsunami waves appeared above the sea. Krishna and Balarama, again riding on Karingilan came to the surface of the water. Then they landed on one of the southern islands of the Andaman and Nicobar island chain. Although Krishna stopped the underwater fight, and saved the islands from permanently going under the ocean, there was still an effect of the fight on the islands.

When tsunami waves engulfed the island many animals and creatures perished. The life on the hills and highlands and some human beings who climbed the coconut trees and tall trees escaped this natural fury.

The people were nude, uncivilized. They saw Krishna and Balarama riding on a whale and landing in their island. They were wonder struck. They hid themselves behind the trees. They were sure that these were the angry sea gods who created a tsunami to avenge their fury.

Krishna and Balarama took rest in the forest near a water fall. They sat on a flat rock and Krishna started to play his flute, Balarama accompanied him with his drum. The music enchanted the people and animals. Even people who climbed up the trees in fear came down and surrounded them and started dancing. They had their own tribal songs, and they jubilantly danced with their bamboo bow and arrows.

From the people’s song Krishna and Balarama understood the name of the island.

Sage Naradha descended with his Narayana song from heaven, causing the people further astonishment. Then Naradha started to sing in praise of Krishna and Balarama. Naradha counselled them to go to a big continent called southern continent (Australia) The journey continued towards the southern hemisphere of the earth.

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