30. Back to Mathura

Krishna and Balarama started towards India from Persia in their eastward journey. They came to a lake. The lake was large like a sea. Rivers like, Barah, Kash, Helmond came and joined the lake from north west. They followed the riverpath and travelled in Hindu Kush mountains and came to river Sindhu through a mountain pass.

After their prolonged journey as they touched the soil of Bharatha they were thrilled. The country of Gandhara where the Sindhu and tributaries were flowing was a fertile land. The princess of Gandhara, Gandari had married the king of Kurus, Dhridirashtra. This country of Kurus lay between Ganga and Yamuna. Its capital was Hasthinapura.

The land south of Yamuna was called Sourasena country where Kamsa was the ruler and presently Ugrasena was ruling. Mathura was its capital.

Karimukha walked along the southern bank of the Yamuna and quickly approached Mathura. Even before they reached, Naradha was present in the court of Ugrasena and announced their safe arrival. He sang the songs of Thiruchutrula (Psalms) and narrated the stories of their heroic deeds.

People collected at the entrance of the fort to welcome Krishna and Balarama with music and drums. The caparisoned royal elephant went forward and garlanded Krishna and Balarama with jaya malas (flower garlands to celebrate victory) with Poorna Kumbha (Vessel filled with holy water). Vedic mantras (hymns) were chanted by scholars. They were respectfully taken in a procession to the Raja sabha (kings court).As soon as they entered the sabha jaya goshas (Victory greetings) reverberated.

Krishna and Balarama went to Ugrasena their grand father and parents and paid their obeisance.

Mother Devaki embraced and kissed them. Devaki and Vasudeva were overwhelmed with emotion, tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Without delay the very next day they started to Gokula where their foster parents Nandagopa and Yashoda lived. Yashoda who was anxiously waiting to see Krishna and Balarama embraced them with love and affection.

“Mother! I am hungry”, said Krishna as he used to ask her in his childhood.

Yesodha brought handful of butter and fed him.

“Amma! Hunger is not only for me but for our Karimukha also!”, said Krishna pointing to the elephant.

“Oh! Is it?” laughed his father Nandagopa. He ordered plenty of sugarcane bundles and fed Karimukha.

That night there was a modhaka feast (sweet liked by elephant god Ganapati). Krishna and Balarama after a Global Yatra had come back safe and sound. The gopas and gopis were extremely happy. On the banks of the crystal clear river Yamuna, the celebrations started as in their boyhood days. Sage Naradha playing his Veena, sang all the twenty nine songs of Thiruchutrula and completed with one mangalam (song denoting the good end). The girls of Aayarpadi danced around them. There was Rasa Leela (Dance with joy associated with Lord Krishna) all through the night.

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