8. Bhoomi Pala Theja

The lower Himalayan ranges extend upto the eastern ocean (Pacific) tappering gradually towards east. Before crossing the mountains and going north, our heroes were advised by Naradha to go and explore eastern countries. While they were travelling east they crossed SALWEEN and MINAMPING rivers. They crossed many hills and river valleys before reaching Kamboja country (Thailand – Vietnam). The big river Mekong which emanated from northern Himalayas joined the Kambojan sea in the south. In its delta region the capital city was situated.

The king who ruled that country was Bhoomi Pala Theja. Being a hunting enthusiast, the king left for a hunting expedition in the western hill forests. The king’s men saw from their camp two youngsters coming from the west on an elephant. On enquiring about their origin and the purpose of their journey, they came to know that these were princes from Bharatha on a global yatra. King Bhoomi Pala was a friendly and amiable person. He welcomed them warmly and invited them to be his guests in Kambhoja.

There was an urgent message for the king through royal messengers, saying some foreigners had attacked the country from the southern sea coast.

The king immediately ordered his army to go south and meet the challenge. The king directly proceeded to the southern sea. Krishna and Balarama volunteered to accompany the king to the battle field.

In the army of Kambhoja the elephant wing was powerful. Horses were a few. The enemies had come with a big cavalry in hundreds of ships. In a western plain by the side of river Mekong, the armies came face to face.

The horses of the enemies came dashing swiftly. They threw burning fire balls of oiled clothes to scare the elephants. Krishna and Balarama aimed spears on the enemy from Karimukha. They threw fireballs to scare Karimukha. Krishna ordered his Chakra to extinguish the fireballs. The Chakra moved like lightning in the war field and showered water on the fireballs and extinguished them. Then Balarama jumped from the elephant back and attacked horses with his plough and club. The army of Khamboja regained confidence. The elephants advanced and played havoc with the enemy, who got demoralized and took to their boats to reach their ships. Horses could not be taken back with them. The king ordered to collect all the enemy horses. Thus having repelled the enemy successfully, the king returned to his capital.

Krishna and Balarama riding on Karimukha accompanied the king. Bhoomi Pala Theja, apart from praising their valour, was wondering about the new weapon, Krishna’s Chakra. If it has not extinguished the fireballs there would have been disaster, he said.

“In any war, power and valour are essential conditions for victory. But the new superior weapons and tactics give the edge for victory. Swords are useful to fight face to face, spears, from a distance, bow and arrows, from a longer distance. These are called Sastras. Asthras are special weapons empowered with mantras. Agni ashthras will shower fire. Chakra is a combination of Shastra and Asthra. It can be got back like a boomerang. In any war, new weapons will tend to decide success and defeat,”, thus Krishna explained war tactics to the king. The king also decided to strengthen his cavalry.

In the capital, there was jubilant victory celebration in which Krishna and Balarama were chief guests. To the stomping rhythm of the elephants, the horses danced. Naradha appeared during the celebrations and showered praises, singing and dancing.

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