7. Queen Aung Sone Mye

Karingila travelled along narrow stretch of the land called MAAYIRUDINGAM (Malaysia) and reached the delta of river IRAVATHY in KADARAM (Burma). On their way they travelled through the dense rain forests in which rubber trees were in plenty.

Unrest was writ larg on the faces of people there. They were standing in groups and speaking in low voices. Naradha appeared and explained the reason for their unrest:

“The queen of their country Aung Sone Mye is benevolent and is loved by her subjects. But from yesterday the queen’s whereabouts are not known. Army chief Than Kang Ban has proclaimed himself as the ruler of the country saying the queen is dead.

He is a cunning man and people doubt that he might have killed the queen to usurp power for himself. Naradha told them secretly that the queen has been arrested and put in jail in an undisclosed secret place. People are angry with the tyrant (commander in chief) Senapathy.” Naradha vanished.

Krishna was determined to punish the senapathy and restore the kingdom to the queen. He mingled with the people and listened to them. Some wise men said that they were sure the queen was in prison, probably hidden somewhere near the source of river Iravathy in Himalayas. Krishna ordered Karimukha to proceed north towards the mountains along the river.

Kadaram was a fertile country. There were lot of green rice fields along both sides of the river. They were travelling upstream along the river targeting to reach the source of the river in the Hokkaido mountain ranges. Leaving the fertile land they travelled through dense Himalayan forests. The river was named Iravathy in the name of Indra’s (King of celestial regions) white elephant.

There were herds of elephants roaming in the forests. Krishna and Balarama were nearing the main source of the river. There on the banks of the river, was a small village. They sat on the river bank and listened to the village folks. They were pointing out towards a cave in the mountain and talking in a hushed voice. They were sure that their Rani was imprisoned there. To confirm their suspicion they could see the soldiers riding on horses in that area.

Krishna and Balarama, riding on the back of Karimukha, directed him to the cave. They saw hundreds of soldiers keeping vigil. Krishna secretly told something in the ears of Karimukha. Krishna and Balarama jumped down from the elephant. The soldiers advanced towards them. Suddenly the elephant pretended to be mad and attacked the soldiers. The soldiers tried to contain the elephant with spears and bow and arrows. Krishna and Balarama protected Karimukha with his Chakra and club, while the elephant uprooted trees and attacked the soldiers. Many horses and soldiers were trampled. The remaining soldiers fled for their life.

Krishna and Balarama entered the cave and reassured the queen that they have come to restore her kingdom to her with the support of the people.

The caparisoned royal elephant which brought her here was standing outside the cave. Rani Aung Sone sat in the Ambari (decorated seat). Krishna and Balarama took to Karimukha and followed the Rani’s elephant. This procession of the Rani was greeted everywhere by ecstatic crowds. As they approached Mandalay, the capital, the crowds swelled and their enthusiasm knew no bounds. The news reached Senapathi Kang. He ordered the army to surround the fort and palace. They saw their Rani heading the procession followed by Krishna in his elephant with his shining Chakra and club. They thought Indra has come from the heavens to help the Rani. On seeing the human sea following them they laid down their weapons and surrendered. The Rani ordered the rebel Senapathy to be arrested for treason.

In the palace, Vijayothsava (success) was celebrated with joy and relief. Krishna and Balarama were specially seated in the Durbar. Burmese girls holding beautifully painted fans sang and danced. Naradha rishi descended from the sky with his chants and songs accompanied by his veena music. After staying for a few days in the palace as royal guests, Krishna and Balarama continued their global yatra (tour).

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