16. Flying Crocodile

Karimukha walked past the hilly regions of Cordillera, where from the river ORINOCO descended to the plains. It was a region around equator. There was plenty of rain, rain forests, and hot sun throughout the year. Numerous rivers were crisscrossing.

One day Krishna and Balarama were resting on the banks of river Coqueta. Krishna played music in his favourite flute. An old man was enjoying the music sitting under the shades of a tree. When the music stopped that elderly person came to them and praised the music.

“The music was superb. But it is different. Not like our music”, he remarked. Then he enquired about them, their country and other details.

When they said that they were from Bharatha. He exclaimed “So you are from the country of our elder brother Himavaan!” he introduced himself as ANDIAHO the dominant mountain chain of that continent.

There he embraced them with love and affection and declared “You are my guests till you leave this land”.

“Where is this river going? We want to get acquainted with the forest and river wealth of this great land”, said Balarama.

Many rivers like this Coqueta join the Amazon, that mighty daughter of mine. She is a robust, rugged lady always surrounded by all sort of wild animals. She joins the African ocean (Atlantic) The people inhabiting my hills and western plains are Sun worshippers.

In their armies women are also valiant fighters. My place is situated in the central western mountains. That mountain is MACHU PICHU. After touring the Amazon area, please come and stay in my palace as our guests. My daughter Amazon will take you to my place” so saying ANDIAHO disappeared.

Afterwards Krishna and Balarama followed the river further down.

The forests of the river Amazon were so dense that even the sun’s rays could hardly penetrate. However, Karimukha easily cleared a path in the forest. On their way they came across countless waterfalls, rivers and poisonous creatures.

They came to the broadest part of river Amazon. The opposite bank was at a distance of many kosas and the river was also very deep. On the bank many alligators were lying basking in the sun, with their mouths wide open. Small birds were pecking at their teeth to get small food particles. Karimukha suddenly remembered the Gajendra Moksha episode (in that puranic story a crocodile catches hold of elephants leg and drags it into the water. Hearing the screaming of the elephant Lord Vishnu saves the elephant, killing the crocodile with his chakra) Karimukha’s body shivered with fear.

 Krishna smiled. Pointing out the triangular teeth of the alligator, he said that they will constantly be reviving their teeth throughout their lives.

“True! If their teeth lost their strength they would die of hunger!”, said Balarama.

Suddenly a giant alligator emerged from water and walked menacingly towards them. It caught the leg of Karimukha. That crocodile was the ancient world giant known as FOFO SUCHAS. It was about forty feet in length. It belonged to the class of flying alligators. Dinosaurs and birds evolved from this.

Karimukha called ADHI MOOLA! (The name of Lord Vishnu) trumpeting loudly and surrendered to Lord Krishna. Balarama jumped down and hit the crocodile on its head forcefully with his club. The crocodile released the elephant’s leg and suddenly took to the air. It hovered around them showing its teeth and attempted to attack them.

Krishna as a last resort aimed his Sudharsana Chakra towards that flying monster.

The Chakra with lightning speed approached the crocodile to cut its head. The demonic alligator realised the danger from that flying weapon and started flying towards the river. The Chakra followed its target and cut down its head. The crocodile fell in two parts in the swift currents of the Amazon river.

Amazon Devi who was watching this battle with astonishment appeared before Krishna and Balarama and paid her respects. She recognized them as the honoured guests of her father, ANDIAHO. She took them upto the ocean and then to the palace of her father in the Machu Pichu peak, at the towering height of 15,000 feet. They entered the palace through the INTI PUNKU (Sun gate). She narrated their heroism and divine powers to her father. Her father realized that they are none other than Soorya Narayana (Sun God).

Next day in honour of the Sun God there were grand celebrations. The sage Naradha singing “Narayana! Soorya Naryana!” descended on the mountains.

Men and women warriors of ANDIAHO marched and saluted the revered guests. Song and dance reverberated in the hills.

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