27. European Ganga

From the Celtic fort they travelled towards north along the river Rhine. They entered the Black Forest, where there were hills and valleys. The rocks were soft lime rocks. From that forest a beautiful girl emerged and paid obeisance to them. She introduced herself as the sister of Ganga Devi. Her name was Donov (Danube). Her sister Rhine flowed to the North Sea beyond which was the North pole.

“We have already been to the North Pole”, said Balarama.

“Come with me, I shall show you Central Europe”, invited Donov, the river damsel.

Karimukha turned east and walked along Donov, who was conversing with them. Before some ages, I was more plump, but I have become lean now.

“You look smarter now”, smiled Krishna.

“See there! Between the Rhine river and the lime rocks what do you observe?” asked Devi Donov.

“Looks like a dry river bed”, said Krishna.

“Yes! You are right! That is URDONOV (Old Danube) the old river coming from Alps. She joined with me in the Black Forest in olden days. We were like Yamuna and Ganga. Once there was a deluge. The north flowing flood pushed the lime rocks and joined the Rhine. After that the old Donov has become a part of Rhine and turned north” sighed Donov.

“So that story explains the reason for your new slim look!” commented Balarama.

“Nevertheless, I am still a big river. All my other sisters from the Alps join me.

On their way a sister called Partnak joined Donov. She melted from the Alpine glaciers and embraced Donov jumping and giggling. Another sister Isar also comes from Alps. “From the Baverian forests and northern forests many other sisters merge with me. I am the cradle of the European civilization like your Ganga. But I run for a longer distance than the Ganga” Donov declared proudly. All along the route corn and other fields of grains were spread as far as they could see. Potatoes and sweet tubers were also cultivated. Golden sun flowers pleasantly swayed their heads in the fields.

They had an interesting and entertaining travel companion in Europe. They were approaching the delta of Donov near the Black Sea. The speed of the flow became slower as they neared marshy lowlands.

Devi Donov talked again.

“I have been nourishing life like a mother from time immemorial! I feed not only the present generation but have nourished several ancient civilizations. On my banks many monuments of those civilizations are buried. Poetry and music prospered here like plants.”

 With a mischievous smile Krishna directed his Chakra over the river. The Chakra rotated and generated enormous light and heat like the sun. In seconds the water vanished and the river became a sand surface. Donov and her sisters were hovering in the sky. They prayed to Krishna and fell on his feet. Krishna ordered his Chakra back. The river started flowing as before. Devi Donov understood that miracle was to reduce her pride. She apologized for her boasting.

“Matter can exist in one of three states: solid, liquid, and gas. For instance, ice, water, and steam. If water is converted into gaseous state, clouds are formed, when it is cooled, it becomes water. When it is further cooled, it becomes solid ice. The rain water collected in rivers come back to sea. This is a cycle by which the earth lives. So no form or state is permanent. This is the simple law of Nature. We are part of this cyclic change. There is no place for pride”, said Krishna. When Krishna stopped talking, the birds in the trees started to sing sweetly on the praise of the Lord. Devi Donov and her sisters danced around Krishna and Balarama, sage Naradha appeared to witness the ecstatic dance.

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