10. North Pole

“The people of China love yellow colour. This northern river is yellow river and the adjoining sea is also called yellow sea. The skin colour of this people is also yellow” remarked Balarama as they were travelling north crossing yellow river.

“In our country people are generally brown though I am an exception! Here they are yellow. In colder regions they will be white. In the equator region which is very hot people are black. Depending upon the temperature and climate, skin colour of humans is evolved. This is one of nature’s rules. Temperature and the Paramparya (genes) of the forefathers decide one’s colour”, said Krishna.

They were now crossing the northern borders of China and entering the country of Mongols, a warring tribe. A gigantic wall crossed the yellow river. The Emperor Baron Yu, that day remarked about this wall in the northern and western borders. This is to prevent the horse riding barbaric men from Mongolia from attacking China, observed Krishna.

“In our country we build a fort around a city. Here they build walls to protect a vast country itself!” observed Balarama.

“Our country has also got a great wall – the Himalayas in the north. In the other three directions lies the ocean”, smiled Krishna.

In the north west they have to cross the Gobi desert. Karimukha changed into a camel and crossed the desert. After crossing he became elephant again, and travelled in Mongolia.

Two men riding on an elephant was seen by the mongol warriors. They suspected them to be spies from China. They were very much alert. They came to attack them on their horses. They were carrying swords, axes and bows. To face this massive attack Krishna resorted to his Sudarshana Chakra. The Chakra sparkling with a white fire, created a defense line. They could not cross the fire zone of the Chakra. The fire zone also advanced towards them. They were frightened and turned back. The Chakra came back to Krishna.

They understood the divine power and put down their weapons. They came for talks with Krishna and Balarama. Krishna assured them that they were global travellers from far away India and they have not come to attack or conquer them. The warriors were convinced and also were conscious of their superior powers. They respectfully allowed them to travel further and guided them about the route to the northern sea.

In their northward journey they came to the shores of a sweet water lake called Bikal. It looked like a sea. They travelled along the western coast of the lake. A river called Lina emerged from the lake. They travelled along the western bank of the river for several days and reached the northern ocean (Arctic).

They have already entered arctic circle around the north pole of the globe. The climate was severely cold , Krishna noticed some polar bears walking on the ice and also swimming in the water.

“Iravatham the vehicle of Indira is also a white elephant. Probably it also might have come from the polar regions of earth”, said Balarama jokingly.

Then Karimukha said, “The elephant’s shape is not suitable for this region even if it is white! To swim in this cold water and tread on the icebergs the only suitable form is this polar bear!”

So saying it transformed itself into a big polar bear. The Emperor of China had already gifted them bearskin clothing as they were going to polar region. Krishna and Balarama wore those warm clothes and continued their travel, riding on the “PANIMUKHA”, the Polar Bear. Panimukha swam in the water and walked over the rocky ice of the arctic ocean.

Since the sun was south of the equator, there was total darkness in the north pole- a continuous long night that lasted for 6 months! The witch BLIZARD attacked them. Along with whistling winds, snow also rained on them. The floating icebergs tossed by the turbulent waters came to dash on them. Waves danced ferociously and the blizzard attacked with a glee. These was total darkness around except for the occassional lightning and thunder.

Krishna commanded his Sudarsana Chakra towards the Blizzard which was nearing them menacingly. The Chakra rotated with enormous speed emitting light and fire like the sun. The Blizzard collapsed as water and fell in the sea and vanished. The sea became calm again. Chakra guiding with its light, Panimukha calmly waded in the water. Karimukha while travelling over land, had no shortage of vegetable food. As Karingila and Panimukha he survived on various types of fish.

Balarama said to Krishna “Karimukha has adapted to various types of foods!”

“Only creatures which adapt to their environment can survive. This is nature’s general rule. The amount and intensity of sunlight decides the types of vegetation. Adapting to this vegetation the living beings survive. To balance nature, there are animals which adapt themselves to eating other animals”, said Krishna.

Colourful light rays danced in the sky.

Balarama thought it is going to be dawn.

“Now it is Dakshinayana (Southward journey of sun). There will not be day here. The light we are seeing is north pole lights (Aurora Borialis) this is created by the magnetic power in the air particles. This is an enchanting show of natural forces” explained Krishna.

“Wherever we saw the stars they looked as if going round as the sun and moon. here we could see some stars coming round the fixed pole star to our top!”, said Balarama.

“That is because we are now standing on the North Pole. Imagine we are standing on the head of a top rotating in an anti clockwise direction! The sky is like an umbrella over our head. Pole star is at the centre”, said Krishna.

Then they had to decide the direction in which to proceed for the continents other than Asia. Promptly sage Naradha the guide descended on the pole and directed them to go east where they will find the continents of America. The Pole star twinkled over their head. Naradha started singing the praise of Lord Narayana. Panimukha and other polar bears danced around them.

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